Penmaenmawr Granite Quarry first began work in the early 1830s, although granite axe heads have been found dating as far back as Neolithic times.

Unlike other industrial sites in North Wales, little is widely known about Penmaenmawr granite, its uses and applications.

Stone setts, cobbles, kerbstones and crushed stone have been produced here for many years. Crushed stone for ballast, stone setts for roads, concrete bricks and paving slabs, all of which once produced were loaded onto open wagons that ran along a 3ft gauge narrow railway to gravity inclines and then on to their destination.

P.W.G.I.H.R or Penmaenmawr and Welsh Granite Industrial Heritage Railway was set up as a CIC (Community Interest Company) by three local business men. The aim of the company is to preserve our industrial heritage, to rebuild and display quarry items of the type once used, for example, rolling stock, locomotives, machinery and eventually rebuild a 3ft gauge narrow railway of the type once used at Penmaenmawr Quarry. Thus saving our industrial heritage for generations and creating permanent jobs by placing our village back on the North Wales Tourist Map.

Latest News

January 2021 Update

Work continues on the refurbishment of the railway wagons.

One of our Director's bought himself a lathe and has been busy in his spare time machining new bolts.

In the photograph are some of the bolts required for the assembly of one wagon,, Chassis ties, bolts for the buffer plates, bearing fixings and wagon body bolts.

November 2020 update

Electrolysis, the removal of rust.
We've been busy this month using this method to de-rust a number of smaller items, as opposed to sand blasting which is more expensive to set up.

You Tube is a fantastic tool, for finding things out, and after watching a couple of small films about it, we decided to give it a go, The results were impressive, from such a cheap and simple set up. See in the photos below.

October 2020 update

Wagon construction is underway for our 3ft guage display on Penmaenmawr beach. In the photo you can see the main chassis nearing completion, and resting on the chassis is the upper body framework. The red plates are the buffer stops, these will be finished in black and added to the chassis once it has been disassembled and finished in grey.

PWGIHR CIC have been looking at ways we can further promote our business, and after a few months collaborating with Conwy County Council we have achieved a plan.

We’re taking full control, over one of the concrete planters on Penmaenmawr beach, and installing a display in it.

The display will consist of two 3ft gauge railway wagons once used in Penmaenmawr Granite Quarry, at either end of the display there will be a Rhododendron bush.

Work on the refurbishment of the wagons has just begun, and we will be posting more information on this project soon.

Humble Beginnings, Our story so far

In May of this year 2019, Hanson Aggregates of Penmaenmawr, gave PWGIHR, two buildings we could use as workshops for our CIC Company.

The two buildings need lots of additional work to make them into usable workshops.

We have cleared rubbish, taken down a Sycamore tree and removed lots of bramble.

In November Hanson Premix of Penmaenmawr donated us 2-5 cubic metres of concrete, for a New Workshop floor.

In December we added, wing walls to the building, a steel door frame tared the roof, and guttering.

This is how far we've come to date and all the support from local donations, has been greatly appreciated.

Many thanks from us all, at PWGIHR.

Humble Beginnings Humble Beginnings Humble Beginnings Humble Beginnings Humble Beginnings

Awaiting Restoration

PWGIHR have obtained a couple of 3 ft guage railway wagons, they are a flatbed truck and a water tanker, and are currently awaiting restoration.

3 ft guage railway wagon

Collection boxes

Collection box

We now have 10 large collection boxes out. Two are in llanfairfechan at the Beach cafe and Gifted crafts (by the traffic lights).

Boxes in Penmaenmawr
Beach cafe
Becws Alan
Hard Rock Cafe
Puffin Cafe Dwygyfylchi.
Alex Pub. Penmaenan
Toms Barbers Conwy
Richard Williams Llandudno Junction

Collection box

Small Collection boxes
Smaller collection boxes are now available from us at PWGIHR. For those individuals who would like to raise money on our behalf, or if anyone would like to purchase one for themselves, they are £20 each, not including postage.


PWGIHR Coasters
We now have wooden coasters for sale, with our logo, they are 100mm wide (4") and have a felt back and are finished with a polyurethane, the coasters are £2 each or you can buy 4 at £6 (excluding postage). Perfect for a favorite tipple or a mug of tea or coffee they are only available direct from us

Mug & Coaster Set
PWGIHR have produced this lovely mug & coaster set for sale, this set comes packaged and is available £8.95 per set for local pick up, there is an additional charge of £3.00 for postal delivery.

Thank you for your support from all of us at PWGIHR.

Another Big Thank You

Penmaenmawr Prom 30 years on, a film show by Ron Watson Jones was held on Monday 1 July and helped us raise £210

All of us at PWGIHR, would like to thank our community for their support

PWGIHR emptied two collection boxes. and found the Community of Penmaenmawr, have helped raise a total of £104.70.,

Penmaenmawr Bakery raised £38.83

Spar raised £65.87

All of us at PWGIHR , would like to thank everyone involved in supporting us for there Generosity

All funds raised will go back into the Company